Locations for FilmVideo Print

Featured in Films is the premiere location agency offering an extensive selection of prime locations in the NY Tri-State area.


Who are our clients?

We are proud of our ongoing relationships with some of the biggest name Production Companies in the film, video and print industries. We have provided locations for episodes of 30 Rock, The Good Wife, The Following, The Affair and many more of the top rated New York produced TV shows. Featured In Films has also worked with many of the production companies that produce commercials such as Nutella, Campbells and Verizon as well as Lincoln and Range Rover reveals and Hermes and Clinique Events.

Why work with us?

We strive to match our clients specific needs with carefully selected locations that will offer them the desired backdrop for their productions. Our 3000 plus locations allows us to submit many options for any type of job. With so many unique choices, you are sure to find the perfect location. Because we have a location library filled with cottages to castles finding a location from Featured In Films will be easy! Please see our client and project pages to see who has used our locations.


Where is our location?

Featured In Films is proud to offer a very diverse location library. Our offerings in the New York tri-state area have been used for film, video, print and events. We have a wide variety of locations as far North as Hudson NY and as far East to the North and South forks of Long Island. We also have locations in New Jersey and Connecticut. When you need a location that is suburban, urban, rural, cityscape, or waterfront Featured In Films has them all..